Crosman Classic Rifle

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Serious business, awe-inspiring style. The classic 2100 is a full size, hefty competitor that pumps As much as maximum velocity, accuracy, and excitement. Features Visible Have an effect on Sights.


  • Concealed BB port
  • Multi-pump power control
  • Die cast metal receiver and rifled steel barrel

Product Specifications

  • Model Number: 2100B
  • Pellet Velocity: As much as 725 fps
  • BB Velocity: As much as 755 fps
  • Weight 4.8 lbs
  • Length: 39.75 in
  • Mechanism: Bolt Action
  • Power Source: Pump
  • Caliber: .177
  • Ammunition: Pellets / BBs
  • Pellet Capacity: Single Shot
  • BB Reservoir: 200
  • BB Magazine: 17 shot
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Visible Impact
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Safety: Cross Bolt
  • Material: Metal Receiver, Synth. Stock/Forearm

Variable Pump CO2 Break Barrel Pre-charged Pneumatic

Powerplant Benefits

Variable Pump CO2 Break Barrel Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP)
POWER SOURCE 3-10 strokes of an on-board lever to compress air 12-gram cartridge Spring or piston cocked by a lever (barrel) On-board high pressure reservoir
FILLING METHOD None, self contained Insertion of CO2 cartridge None, self contained Use of high pressure tank or pump to fill on-board reservoir
VELOCITY * Up to 700 fps Up to 780 fps Up to 1400 fps Up to 1100 fps
NUMBER OF SHOTS Unlimited (will have to be pumped for each and every shot) 40 – 60, varies on rapidity of trigger pull Unlimited (will have to be cocked for each and every shot) 15 – 35 (varies with caliber)
USES Target Shooting
Target ShootingPlinking
Plinking- Pest Control
Pest Keep watch over
Target Shooting
Target Shooting Plinking
Target Shooting
Target ShootingPlinking
Plinking Pest Control
Pest Keep watch over Small Game HuntingSmall Game Hunting
Target Shooting
Target Shooting Plinking
Plinking Pest Control
Pest Keep watch over Small Game Hunting
Small Game HuntingLarge Game Hunting
Small Game Hunting
Variable Pump - 15 yard range
20 yards
CO2 - 20 yard range
35 yards
Break Barrel - 35 yard range
60 yards
COST $40 – $200 ($ – $$) $80 – $130 ($ – $$) $100 – $300 ($ – $$$) $250 – $600 ($$ – $$$$)
ADVANTAGES Velocity is variable in line with collection of strokes Convenient, accurate Self-contained, accurate Powerful, consistent, superbly accurate
DISADVANTAGES Must be pumped up for each and every shot Performance can vary with temperature (70 degrees is optimum) Requires practice to shoot at perfect accuracy External fill source required
* Velocities in line with alloy ammunition
** Accuracy is made up our minds by ballistics and shooter ability
Target Shooting Target Shooting
Plinking Plinking
Pest Control Pest Control
Small Game Hunting Small Game Hunting
Large Game Hunting Predator Hunting


Ammunition - BB Ammunition - .177 Pellet Ammunition - .22 Pellet Ammunition - .25 Pellet

Choosing a Caliber

BB .177 .22 .25
Material Copper coated steel Lead (lead-free consist of plastic and/or zinc) Lead (lead-free consist of plastic and/or zinc) Lead
Weight (grains) 5.2 7.9 or 10.5 14.3 27.9
Energy (@ muzzle) 4 FPE @ 600 FPS 17.5 FPE @ 1000 FPS 20.3 FPE @ 800 FPS 42 FPE @ 825 FPS
Shapes Spherical Wadcutter, domed, pointed, hollow point, destroyer Domed, hollow point, pointed, destroyer Domed, destroyer
Uses Plinking Targets, plinking, pest control Targets, plinking, pest Keep watch over, small game hunting Pest Keep watch over, small & medium game hunting
Advantages Less expensive than pellets Fast, flat trajectory ideal for targets Ideal for both targets and small game Hard hitting hunting round; conservative on air
Disadvantages Ricochet if fired at a hard surface Weight limits hunting to pests, small game Not heavy enough for larger small game species, predators Limited shapes available


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