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Best Purse Survival Kit for women, Just after Valentine’s Day 2016, a 33-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed outside the downtown post office in a small Oregon college town before 7 a.m. She was grabbed from behind as she was getting into her vehicle and struck on the head several times with a blunt object before being knocked to the ground. The attacker then proceeded to steal her purse and other personal items.
The woman took several minutes before she was able to call 9-1-1. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Her purse was later located in bushes close to the post office. Several other items were not recovered by the police. The unidentified male attacker was described as a middle-aged man with a pockmarked face and rotten teeth. He was last seen running north through the streets and he remained at large the evening of the attack. ( Best Purse Survival kit for women)

best survival kit purse
robber snatching a purse

How many of us have gone to the post office in the early morning hours prior to going to work? A scenario like this could happen to anyone, especially if you’re not prepared or expecting danger in the most unlikely of places. This woman did not expect to get bashed in the head while pulling the keys out of her purse. She was probably doing what she has done hundreds of times before and expected nothing out of the ordinary to happen to her.(


  • Purse
  • Phone
  • Phone charger (wall adapter)
  • Mirror
  • Lighter
  • Bright-colored scarf
  • Whistle
  • Mace/pepper spray or a Taser
  • Pistol (if you have a concealed weapons permit where you live)
  • Kubaton or tactical baton
  • Umbrella or walking stick
  • Knife (Swiss Army or survival knife)
  • Wrist compass or mini compass
  • Water bottle
  • Food (snacks or energy bars)
  • Basic first aid kit (small and compact)
  • Emergency blanket (space blanket)
  • Cash ($20 to $100)

Purse Survival Kit, What could she have done differently? Could she have gone later in the day? Was it still dark out that morning? Was she alone in the parking lot? What else did she have in her purse? Did she have anything to ward off an attacker? What could she have had in her purse that she could carry every day that could have possibly prevented this from happening? These are the questions you should consider when you are by yourself in public places, both familiar and unfamiliar.
When it comes to being prepared, your environment doesn’t matter. Emergencies can happen anywhere—in a rural or urban area, in a relatively safe, gated community, and in shopping centers. There have been reports of people being abducted in every type of environment–rich, poor, in daylight, after dark, at dusk, and at dawn. You have to be prepared, even in what you perceive to be the most secure of environments. Those who fail to prepare will not have a fighting chance to survive an emergency.(Best Purse Survival Kit for women)


Purses are usually used to carry a wallet, phone, personal care items, and makeup. It might also include a tablet or laptop and phone charger. Obviously, the larger the purse, the more you can fit in it. I’ve often commented on women’s purses that could be used as weapons because they are so heavy and could easily be swung against an attacker. Why not add a few items to your purse that could potentially save your life and get you out alive if faced with a survival situation? (Best Purse Survival Kit for women)

Best Purse Survival Kit


Best Purse Survival Kit
phone & charger



The items in the purse survival kit are in addition to the normal day-to-day items you already carry. You might already have many of these items in your purse, and some of them you might not have even thought about. These items are must-have and recommended by many survivalists throughout the world.
This checklist is not exclusive by any means. Look at it, evaluate it, and find out what works best for you. Imagine if you were the woman in Oregon—what could you have done differently? Or picture yourself at your local grocery store, dropping your kids off at school or practice, or walking to your car alone at the mall. What would you do to stay vigilant and ready? What items could you have with you to protect yourself? Keep these questions in mind when you put your purse survival kit together.
In any survival situation, you must always think about food, fire, shelter, water, and security.
Communication Items
Communication and signaling are key components of survival, which makes a phone and charger essential.
A mirror can also be used as a signaling device. Send flashes of light from the mirror to attract attention.
You can also signal with smoke or fire, and if you carry a lighter, you’ll have the means to make both. You can also make a fire for signaling, warmth, protection, cooking food, and disinfecting water if necessary. The means to make fire is a necessity in every survival kit.

Survival Lighter
Survival Lighter

Lighter: A bright scarf also can be used as a signaling device. Place the scarf in a highly visible position or wear it on your head to shade you from the sun.
A whistle can be used to signal as well. Use it to call for help while signaling your location to others.
Personal Protection
What would you want to have in your purse if you were involved in the attack scenario at the start of the chapter? Does pepper spray, mace, or a Taser come to mind? What about a knife or a gun? If you live in a state where it is legal and you can carry a weapon, are you trained and proficient in the use of a gun? Do you carry your gun with you, either on your body or in your purse?
We recommend carrying a pistol, but only if you have the proper training and necessary permits. A firearm in the hands of a trained person is an absolutely deadly weapon. Although warning shots should never be fired (you don’t know where the bullet might end up; you don’t want the bullet to hit something other than your intended target), a pistol can be very intimidating and could save your life from a would-be attacker. Of course, you need to have the requisite permit and training to carry a weapon and attain the concealed handgun license if your state has a concealed handgun license program.(Best Purse Survival Kit for women)
You want to ensure your pistol is comfortable and easy for you to operate and conceal in your purse. It also must be easy to withdraw from your purse. You can purchase holsters specifically designed to fit purses as well as special purses that provide a holster for a pistol. There are many manufacturers of carry holsters, purses, bags, and other items that can conceal a pistol. Check reputable websites on the Internet or visit your local gun store and hunting or sporting goods store. Select the gun you are most comfortable with and that is easy for you to use.
You must practice and be proficient in the draw, loading, reloading, and operation of your weapon. Go to a range where you can practice these requisite skills. Practice drawing your pistol from your purse at the range. Find a good, certified firearms instructor to train you.
After you’ve got the basics down, a pistol becomes a viable option to protect yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation. Remember, these skills are perishable if they are not practiced and maintained. You want to achieve muscle memory when you reach into your purse to draw your weapon and put it into use. Muscle memory means it does not require much thought—your body reacts to the situation and it knows what to do because you’ve practiced it time and time again. In an ideal situation, you will be assessing the threat or multiple threats, looking for a way out, looking for a safe area, and taking care of others in your party as you methodically and fluidly draw your weapon and prepare to defend yourself. Practice makes perfect.(Best Purse Survival Kit)

Best Purse Survival Kit
Personal Mace
BEST Purse Survival Kit
Revolver and Holster


Purse Survival Kit
multi tool

If you can’t carry a pistol or don’t feel comfortable carrying and using one, there are other items you can carry to defend yourself. A kubaton is a compact key chain that can be used as a weapon, and a tactical baton, which is a hardened steel rod, can be extended and used to hit, poke, and swing at an attacker. The baton telescopes out and comes in various sizes.
Other items to consider are an umbrella and a walking stick. You could go James Bond style and include weapons in your walking stick, such as a handle that has a knife blade that extends into the shaft of the stick. Even if you don’t go that route, a walking stick or an umbrella can be an extension of your arm that you can use to poke, swing at, or choke an attacker. Either of these items can give you some stand-off distance and you can do some harm to an attacker if you hit the person in soft target areas of the body like the eyes, nose, throat, or groin. This can allow you to defend yourself or buy yourself some time to get away.(Best Purse Survival Kit for women)


Multi tool: If you choose to carry a baton, key chain, umbrella, or walking stick, train with it. Know how to swing it, open it, and poke with it. Train on a human-sized dummy target and work on hitting the soft areas of the body.
You should also carry a small knife or multi tool in your purse survival kit. A knife can be used as a weapon, but more importantly, it is a tool to cut, pry, open things, make things, etc.(Best Purse Survival Kit for women)
Food and Water
You also want to have a water bottle and some snacks or energy bars in your purse survival kit. The bottle itself can be used to gather more water. Also include some form of nutrient-dense food such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or energy bars. Any of these would give you some energy if you need it in a tough situation.(Best purse survival kit for women)
First Aid and Shelter
Make sure you keep a small first aid kit in your purse. You may need to control and stop minor bleeding or protect minor scrapes and cuts. An ACE bandage, gauze for wounds, supplies to make a splint, and some basic over-the-counter medicines should be included. These items can fit in a simple food storage bag or small makeup bag.
An emergency space blanket should be included in your purse survival kit. It is small, lightweight, compact, and could easily go in your first aid kit. The blanket can be used to reflect heat inward to keep you warm or to make a hasty shelter. It can also be used as a poncho to keep you dry in wet conditions. (Best Purse Survival Kit for women)

best Purse Survival Kit
Umbrella – Small Enough For Any Handbag,


best Purse Survival Kit
Wrist Compass



best Purse Survival Kit
water bottle



best Purse Survival Kit
energy bars


Additional Supplies
You’ll also want to include a wrist compass or small compass in your purse survival kit. A compass can help you find your way and keep you steering in the direction you want to go. Learn and know how to use and read a compass.
Cash can go a long way, so keep twenty to one hundred dollars in your kit. You can use this to get a cab and purchase other food, water, and survival items. (survival kit) (original hunters)



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